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Eventide. By your side
All things because of you
Fantasize. At my side.
The lonely, the few
God above. Lord and love.
It’s fools love
heart of fire.
Lord and liar don’t falter 


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Under a Violet Moon


Under a Violet Moon
Dancing to the feel of the drum
Leave this world behind
We’ll have a drink and toast to ourselves
Under a Violet Moon
Tudor Rose with her hair in curls
Will make you turn and stare
Try to steal a kiss at the bridge
Under a Violet Moon
Raise your hats and your glasses too
We will dance the whole night through
We’re going back to a time we knew
Under a Violet Moon
Cheers to the Knights and days of old
the beggars and the thieves
living in an enchanted wood
Under a Violet Moon
Fortuneteller what do you see
Future in a card
Share your secrets, tell them to me
Under a Violet Moon
Close your eyes and lose yourself
In a medieval mood
Taste the treasures and sing the tunes
Under a Violet Moon
Tis my delight on a shiny night
The season of the year
To keep the lanterns burning bright
Under a Violet Moon


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Εκεί που νομίζεις ότι έχεις ξεφύγει… βρίσκεσαι ένα βήμα πριν την κατάθλιψη, ξανά.

Δεν υπάρχει αντίδοτο στην παραφροσύνη.

Ο κόσμος έχει νόημα μόνο όταν έχεις κάποιον να μοιραστείς τα συναισθήματά σου.

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September Ashes

September begun with a goodbye to my heart
The pictures you put in my head brought tears behind my icy hands

Come closer; Breathe my name and nothing more
We are mere whisperings of a heartfelt elegy

So when I scream for you, do not answer me
When I beg you to hold me, just walk away…

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Αγαπημένο κομμάτι από Tristania.


I fail to impress you, and you
Feel free to abuse me
All has been in vain
We’re through

So please stop pretending
As I spent a wasteland on you

Words have been spoken
My chains have been broken
This street has an end, I have failed
Never will again

My life was invaded by you
This image of straws that break against the wind
We’re through
But the world keeps spinning
Endlessly I have no answers for you

Weight off my shoulders
No more hiding…
Leaving deadlands
Release me

On your own
Bitter and old

Dead and gone
Carved in stone

Words have been spoken
My chains have been broken
This street has an end
I have failed
Never will again

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The spell


Captured by you and slowly pulled into your web,
The venom was smooth, so I didn’t mind a thing.
As I moved, the strings were held there by you,
Something then told me I had no escape.

So, please, forgive me for this spell I am under.

As the years passed by, I tried to work out the clues,
To break this curse that was cast down and held by you.
And in this maze at every turn you stood in my way,
So I left a disguise in my place.

So, please, forgive me for this spell I am under.
I lose myself in this spell I am under.

I feel your spell on me.

We’re held in your gaze, lost in a state,
A potion of delusion, something is brewing.
The poison is blinding, the streets are all winding,
The clocks lose their timing, your spell on me has no cure.

I feel your spell on me

Your spell on me has no fucking cure…..

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